OCDATA 2019 Abstracts

Short Papers
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Subject Database Construction based on Literature Information Extraction


Yumeng Ma and Fang Wang

Abstract: Researchers put forward higher requirements for efficient acquisition and utilization of domain data in the Big data era. As a tool to manage data in a specific domain and provide subject services, the subject database can be used to meet the users' personalized needs. This paper designs the construction route of subject database for specific research problems. Information extraction method based on knowledge engineering is adopted. Firstly, subject data model is built through abstraction of the research elements. Then under the guidance of the data model, information extraction strategy of each model node is developed to analyse, extract and correlate entities in literature. Finally, a database platform based on these structured data is developed that can provide a variety of services. Taking the construction practices in the field of activating blood circulation and removing stasis as an example, this paper analyses how to construct subject database based on literature information extraction. As this study proposes an effective technical route to build subject database to help researchers acquire data in literature quickly and accurately, it provides a transformation mode of resource construction and personalized precision services in the data-intensive research environment.